Wall Hung Wash Basin: Everything You Need to Know About

If you are constructing a new home or renovating your existing home, you may want to have a beautiful and timeless bathroom. The sheer amount of ‘me time’ you spend in the bathroom and an aesthetically pleasing bathroom’s ability to increase the property’s value, should put bathroom renovation at the top of your list.

Considering how the bathrooms are growing smaller in size in the modern homes, you may be wondering how to create an aesthetic décor inside the bathroom while utilising the space to the fullest potential and maintaining maximum functionality. One of the best ways to achieve this is to instal – wall hung wash basin.

What is a wall hung wash basin?

Wall hung wash basin or wall mounted wash basin is basically a bathroom sink that is mounted to the wall. This type of basin is quite common in Indian houses. Many people prefer installing wall hung wash basins mainly to save bathroom space. These plumbing fixtures have a shorter depth, allowing you to create an excellent aesthetic look and feel inside to suit your personal taste.

Types of a wall hung wash basin

  • Undermount basin

An undermount wall hung wash basin is best suited for modern smart home settings, its sleek design seamlessly fits into any kind of décor and enhances the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Also, these basins allow you to under the sink space for storage. Undermount basins are also commonly referred to as basin-less sinks.

  • Overmount wall hung wash basin

In an overmount wall hung wash basin, the water supply comes from the top of the basin and it has a drain hole at the bottom. This is also a common wall hung wash basin in India.

  • Corner mounted wall hung wash basin

As the name suggests, a corner mounted wash basin is installed in a corner of the bathroom. It allows easy access to the sink faucet and provides more space than other wall hung basins. The only drawback of corner mounted basin is that it can make sink cleaning difficult.

  • Double sink wall hung wash basin

If you need extra countertop space, you can consider installing a double sink basin. This type of basin has two sinks side-by-side and they are usually installed under cabinets inside a small alcove.

Benefits of wall hung wash basin

Since the wall hung wash basin is mounted on the wall directly, you can install it at any height you want to suit the needs of your family members. You may use the basin several times in the day, so while installing the basin, you must consider the ergonomic factors, the height of the basin should strain your back or neck.

Since the basin is mounted on the wall, you get a clear space below, which makes it easy to clean the bathroom. Also, it significantly reduces the chances of dirt and grime build up.

The different range of basin styles and its growing popularity has led the basin designers to create modern basins with additional features like built-in storage space. You can use this space to keep your vanity, instead of installing or buying new shelves.

Lastly, the wall hung wash basins are mounted without the support of any additional fixtures like pedestals, which increases the overall cost. Thus, these basins are an excellent cost-effective alternative.

Final Word

Now that you know about the types and benefits of wall hung wash basins, do your due diligence before installing it in your home.

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