Let Light In: 5 Reasons Bifold Doors Are Perfect For Winter

East coast Aussies love packing their bags and heading for sunny Perth in the summer. For this, they can be pleasantly forgiven for assuming that it’s sun, sand and surf year-round in our rather chilly winter city.

But for those of us who call this lush city home, we know just how fresh the winters can get. Rain, hail and chill, it only makes sense that homeowners are always looking for ways to beat the winter cold!

One of those ways is to install the best bifold doors Perth has available, and here are a few reasons why:

  • They can help warm your winters

This style comes with ultra glaze finishes that help insulate the home. Not only this, the strong, sturdy and airtight technology helps keep out any unwanted draughts that could otherwise sneak in through lesser designs. If you’ve been looking for a way to keep out this city’s nasty winter chill – you’ve found it right here!

  • Allow more sunlight to enter the home

This design’s wide and clear glass design ensures that even on the freshest winter days you can still allow plenty of light into the home. Of course, we can’t speak for those gloomy, overcast days, but you can still allow fresh winter sunlight in and not allow the crispness to drag down your days.

  • They are energy efficient (& help with the bills!)

The best bifold doors Perth has are made from high quality materials including wooden frames that help insulate the home. What’s more, that ultra glazed panelling we were talking about goes a long way to keeping out any winter chill, ensuring you won’t have to crank up the heater as high just to keep yourselves a little warmer on those really frosty winter nights!

This is not only a win for our environment, but it is also a great way to save on your energy bills, as the more you put up the heater the more power you use – it’s a great way to save a little extra cash where you really don’t want to spend it!

  • Enjoy the winter scenery

Perth is a beautiful city, and most people who live here will attest to that. What’s more, it is a city that, despite its fresh winters, still enjoys plenty of beautiful days that will allow us to enjoy our natural surroundings regardless of the temperature outside.

This is especially so when you have this design installed in the home, as its clear glass panels allow you to gaze upon the beauty that comes with the winter without actually having to step out into its gnarly chill!

  • They are highly practical

At the end of a gloomy day, there is no better way than to amplify your home’s comfort and connection to nature than through this elegant design. Made to allow light in without allowing the cold in with it, you can trust that this style provides an enhanced thermal efficiency and one that will not only help the environment, but will also help your budget.

For these reasons and many more, this door solution has become one of the city’s most popular. And with so many design options to choose from in order to match your home’s personal style, you can easily pick a style that will take your home from a cold winter nightmare to a warm, cosy and inviting delight!

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