Best Quality Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne

If a graceful landscape increases the curb appeal of your house, artfully designed outdoor furniture can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, backyard, patio, porch, or sunroom and bar space.

Outdoor furniture Melbourne, made from a variety of materials, in a wide range of timeless designs, styles, and prices can be purchased as per need and space availability for relaxing or dining outdoors in the natural environment.

As Melbourne is known for its harsh climate, it is prudent for you to choose furniture for your outdoor settings that may withstand all climatic variations and last long.

All-Weather Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture like dining sofa, dining table, and chairs, hanging egg chairs, day beds as well as modular outdoor and garden furniture and furniture for your outdoor bar setting are usually remain exposed to all types of weather.

Accordingly, it will be better to go for all-weather outdoor furniture that is made from materials that are resistant to hot sunlight, extreme cold, rain, snow, and storms.  All-weather furniture is also resistant to rust, rot or termite, and other insects or worms.

All-weather outdoor furniture in Melbourne is usually made from various kinds of wood, metals, or man-made polyester resin.

  • Wooden outdoor furniture is made from woods like:
  • Oak – is perhaps the most used durable wood for making high-quality outdoor furniture in Melbourne. Both qualities of Oak i.e.  Red Oak and Chinese Oak are naturally resistant to rotting, termite infestation, mildew, and insects.
  • Red Cedar – is yet another all-weather material for creating outdoor furniture and is considered the best alternative to treated or synthetic wicker
  • Teak wood – is undoubtedly the best and most used material for the construction of all-weather outdoor furniture in Melbourne. As it possesses certain natural oils, teak wood has an in-built capacity to resist rotting, termite, and mildew development as well as insect growth. Though expensive, teakwood outdoor furniture people usually do not need replacement.
  • Merbau Solid timber – true to its name, Merbau solid timber is solid, strong and durable, for outdoor furniture which apart from looking great, is naturally resistant to rotting, fading, or termites and mildew growth.
  • Most durable and excellent outdoor furniture is made from metals like:
  • Aluminum – for outdoor furniture is ideal as it neither catches rust, fades, or rots and thus has a longer life span. Aluminum, being lightweight and easy to maintain is the preferred choice of furniture makers as it can be molded and finished in a customized way.
  • Wrought iron – Like Aluminum, outdoor furniture made from wrought iron is also resistant to rust, rot, and fading but unlike Aluminum, it is much heavier. Yet it is in regular use for making tough and long-lasting outdoor furniture like dining tables and chairs with or without cushions.

Besides metal and wood, often Travertine limestone, besides marble and basalt, is used for making durable dining tables and other outdoor furniture Melbourne.

You may also go for man-made material like polyester resin for making outdoor furniture which is mostly water and weather-proof material. Plastic is an extremely light and cost-effective material for making outdoor furniture.

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