Why Summer Houses Are Becoming More Popular Each Year

Expanding your living space with a garden building is one of the most popular trends of recent years. In addition to adding significant value to a property, the extra structure has numerous potential uses that can support your professional life, accommodate family, or enrich your personal hobbies and interests. They can also be used entirely for relaxation purposes, offering an alternative and private space to enjoy separately from the activity of your own home.

If you are currently looking at your empty garden, or perhaps an old shed used only to contain seldom-used belongings, then it may be time to consider putting your outdoor space to better use. Here are the top reasons why summer houses are becoming more popular each year.


Previously, summer houses have been associated with the high financial cost that comes with such a luxury asset. However, coinciding with their new popularity, garden buildings have become more affordable and better value each year.

No longer breaking the bank, summer houses are also made with more robust materials, reducing the need for regular maintenance, while simultaneously keeping their running costs (should you chose to add amenities such as heat and electricity) to a minimum.

Extended Living Space

Summer houses are often seen to be indulgent extras, a space that is surplus to the home. However, more recently, they have taken on the identity of an extended living space, being used as extra bedrooms, offices, or even entertainment spaces.

For those wanting to accommodate family and friends for the night, or perhaps endeavour to rent out the extra room, a private summer home can be a great asset. Garden buildings are now of such a high-quality that they can even be upgraded to include certain indulgences. Just be sure to check with your local council before you expand upon it too much!


Yes, a shed is suitable for storage, but so often then end up keeping the rain from reaching half-used paints, tools, and sporting equipment. Expanding your shed storage into a summer house can serve to upgrade your storage space to accommodate much more.

If you have a hobby, one that is perhaps limited by the space in your current residence, you could allow it to flourish within the environment of a dedicated garden building. The sturdiness and high-quality structure of a summer home may also help to keep them much safer than inside your home too.

Improve Your Investment

Gardens in the UK, while highly valued, often fall short of their best due to the cold and wet climate. It means that, for property owners, a portion of their investment remains unused for a significant portion of the year.

By investing in an additional garden building, such as a summer house, a resident expands upon their garden’s potential, making it a space that can be enjoyed all year round. Then, on those rainy, cold days and nights, there is a cosy space that you can escape to.

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