What To Expect When You Hire Professional Wood Fence Installers!

It’s always an exciting home improvement project when you’re planning on installing a wood fence around your home, because this addition will boost your property’s curb appeal, privacy, security, functionality, pet safety and overall property value.

It’s important to remember that wood fence installations are long-term investments that you’ll have to maintain for many years, which is why it’s absolutely critical to team up with the right wood fence installers to ensure that everything is done right the first time.

So, what exactly should homeowners expect when they’re in the process of installing a wood fence? Below we’ll be detailing some of the crucial stages that go along with these projects!

Obtaining Accurate Fence Measurements

Before you can start thinking about fun factors of your wood fence installation like styles and materials, you’ll first need to go through a thorough on-site evaluation in which your fence installers take accurate measurements around your property lines and proposed fencing area.

Every fence installation project relies heavily upon this first stage of the process, because any inaccuracies can lead to serious headaches later on. This means that your hired specialists will need to utilize professional-grade laser tools as they take sloped yards, unique angles, landscaping parameters and pre-existing structures into account.

Fence Design Consultation

The next stage is to begin picking the fence style, height, accessories and materials that match your property’s unique needs and your personal taste. This means that you’ll be choosing between common types of wood like redwood and cedar, as well as other design factors like post spacing and sizes.

Great fence installation companies will provide you with a comprehensive consultation appointment in which you’ll go over all of these fine details. These consultations will also give you accurate estimates and project timelines so you can better understand what’ll happen next.

Clearing The Fencing Area

This next stage is when the physical labor really gets started, because your wood fence installers will need to thoroughly clear out your proposed fencing area as they prepare for the installation.

This entails removing any debris or vegetation by digging and creating flat surfaces as necessary. These flat spaces are often crucial for your fence’s posts, and proper preparation work always goes a very long way to establish a stable area for your new wood fence.

This type of dirty work is essential for your new fence’s structural integrity and finished aesthetics!

Setting The Fence Posts

The foundation of your fence is its posts, which is like the backbone that makes sure it looks uniform, stands up straight, and resists any long-term sagging. Most fence installers will sink posts at least 2-3 feet underground into concrete holes; however, these requirements will largely depend upon your area’s soil conditions and freeze line.

If you live in a colder area, it’s likely that your fence posts will need extra widths and depths to ensure stability.

Attaching Pickets & Rails

This stage is where your new wood fence starts to take its shape, because picket and rail installations are what complete your property’s enclosure.

There are many intricate details that go into ensuring the overall privacy of your new fence, because factors like proper picket positioning is important to prevent sagging in the future—as well as any seasonal sagging.

But with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, you’ll enjoy the rewards of uniform boards and spacing that align perfectly!

Hardware & Gates

Your fence’s gates are considered to be high-traffic weak points, which means that they’ll need special attention during your installation process. Latch and hinge hardware must be securely mounted to your gateposts, and ensuring maximized gate stability will often depend upon your fence’s specific style.

Your fence installers will help guarantee that your gates latch firmly, hang true, are equipped with locks and swing smoothly. It’s also important to make sure that your fence’s gates look great, because this is a big part of what boosts your property’s curb appeal!

Finishing Touches

Every fence installation requires a lot of attention to small details, because this is what boosts the overall durability and aesthetics of your investment. Regardless of what type of wood you choose for your new fence, clear water sealant will be required to resist cracks, prevent moisture buildup, and avoid wood rot for the long-term future.

You may also want to add some decorative caps, other aesthetic charms and landscaping details to enhance the beauty of your new wood fence installation.

Clean Up & Client Verification

All reputable fence installation companies will do a final walkthrough before packing their equipment up, and this includes a thorough clean up.

They’ll also make sure that everything looks perfect to you, and they’ll provide you an opportunity to ask questions about maintenance, warranties and other minor details of your unique arrangement.

Reach Out To Sustainable Construction Solutions When You Need Wood Fence Installers At Your Property!

There’s a lot to be excited about when you’re in the process of hiring professional wood fence installers, but your hiring decision can truly make or break your entire investment. When you choose a reputable fence installation company, everything will likely go just fine; however, a sub-par fence installation business can leave you in a tough spot later on.

Check out the link at the top of this page and go to the Sustainable Construction Solutions website to learn more about how they can support you with your next wood fence installation!

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