What Happens If You Don’t Replace The Siding?

Home maintenance isn’t something many homeowners enjoy most likely due to its time consuming nature. On many occasions, it also requires a substantial amount of money.

Other people aren’t bothered by issues until they can feel the heat of the damage and other consequences. Such reasons explain why related activities, including siding replacement, take longer than expected to fix.

However, homeowners should avoid taking such things lightly since a stitch in time saves nine. Those who have delayed taking measures on home maintenance have ended up paying a hefty price.

For instance, failure to replace the sidings at all or even on time has had dire consequences. So, what happens in you don’t replace the siding? Check it out!

Effects of Overlooking Siding Replacement

If you don’t replace your home’s siding, expect the following;

Mold, Mildew, and Fungus Infestation

If water starts penetrating your home’s side, you may notice an unnecessary growth usually around its seams. Mold, mildew, and fungus grow and thrive under such circumstances.

This unwanted growth should not be your only worry if the water is inside its walls. On the contrary, you should also consider the probability of structural damage.

That’s why you need to check if the siding is the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Structural damage is hard to repair and it jeopardizes the quality of your home significantly.

On the other hand, mold, mildew, and fungus cause many health issues. They include allergic reactions such as running nose, coughing, and wheezing.

High Home Maintenance Costs

As mentioned earlier, one of the consequences of failing to replace the siding is structural damage. The more you delay replacing it, the worse the damage gets.

You must dig too deep into your pocket to fix that damage. Therefore, you incur an extra cost you would have saved if you had replaced your home’s siding as soon as the problem arose.

Unpleasant Appearance

The role of the siding in determining a home’s appearance is indisputable. Therefore, ailing to replace it will have an adverse effect on how the house looks.

There are high chances you won’t like what you see when looking at your once beautiful home. That sentiment you will also share with your neighbors and anyone who sees your home, including friends and visitors.

Decreased Property Value

If your siding needs replacement when you sell your home, its value won’t be the same. It will be lower than it should be since potential buyers will factor in need for the replacement.

For some buyers, that scares them away since we all know the troubles of home repair. The value decrease may also be unreasonable compared to what you would spend replacing the siding.

That’s why you should consider hiring professionals such as HomeBuddy to replace it before putting the house on sale.

Water Damage

There is a reason why you need to keep water away from your house. Once it finds its way into crevices and cracks, it slowly but surely damages your home’s walls, including the interior.

Rotting and warping may also arise under these circumstances. The wallpaper becomes loose, or the paint peels off.

Isn’t that look indisputably ugly? That’s why you should replace your siding since it prevents water damage.

Increased Energy Bills

The siding also insulates your home. Therefore, its insulation reduces once it isn’t in the right shape. Consequently, your energy bills go high.


So, what happens if you won’t replace the siding? The article leaves no stone unturned regarding what this neglect could do to your home.

It may seem simple, but it has many adverse effects. Some of its damages increase maintenance costs, whereas others increase utility bills.

You must replace it immediately to avoid losses and other inconveniences. Remember that any second that passes without the replacement means the problem gets bigger, and you should avoid that at all costs.

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