Tips to Decorate Your Home Swimming Pool Area


When a pool is designed in the right way, it complements your backyard and doesn’t just act as a functional addition. In order to do that, you need materials that fit your home’s architecture and the characteristics of the neighbourhood. If you want your pool to be the perfect relaxation spot, you need the right lighting, seating, and other elements. Here are a few tips that will help you decorate your swimming pool area and turn your backyard into the perfect staycation location.

1. Have a theme

A themed pool can be a lot of fun. It brings adventure to your backyard. There is a wide range of theme options for you to choose from, including jungle madness, beach, Balinese paradise, tropical island, and more. You can either go for something elaborate or simple landscaping. Landscaping can make your pool area private. You have to accentuate the pool area using a landscaped hill. If you want to add some personality to the area, you can add an ottoman or a sculpture.

Having a swimming pool in new zealand means that you can have the beach experience within your backyard. For instance, you can use contoured sand-coloured floors for simulating a beach. As the water makes ripples on the edge, it will appear like waves on a shore. You can add some couches to look like basket boats and have your very own beach paradise.

2. Get a grill

When it comes to backyard meals and poolside gatherings, nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly grilled meat. A quality grill and a few accessories can transform your pool deck into the perfect hangout spot. Get some stylish stools and bar tables where your friends and family members can enjoy some hot dogs and burgers. You can also add an outdoor heater to make sure that your guests can still stay warm after the sun has set. Once the grill cools down, you can keep the party going with fun outdoor games.

3. Position the pool the right way

Swimming pools aren’t always attractive, especially during the winter season when you put a cover. So, it would be best to install it in a hidden or discrete place, someplace that isn’t immediately visible from your home. Your pool should be at a site that gets enough afternoon sun, especially on the seating area. However, you also have to make sure that the site doesn’t get too windy, all the while ensuring that you have a nice view from your pool.

4. Add a fire feature

Having a fire pit means that you will not only have heat for the cold nights but a sociable mood. It works well for entertaining your guests as well as for a night of solitude. Today, you have a lot of decorative options, available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Depending on your needs, you can opt for different types of fire pits, such as traditional wood burning, electric, or gas-powered. Some of the most popular fire features are fire bits, columns, chimeneas, and bowls. Also, the fire’s warm glow will give you soft lighting. If it is close to the pool, you will be able to see the light reflecting in the water, creating an inviting glow in your backyard.

5. Opt for hard landscaping

When it comes to pool landscaping, you can choose the paving stones that you have used in other areas of your yard as it creates a harmonious look. However, if you want a distinguished space for your pool area, you can use a different paver. But make sure that it blends well with your other landscaping features like planting. Also, it should be sympathetic to the materials your house is built with to create a consistent design.

In the case of a large pool area, you can combine different finishes of the same material as it reduces the impact. For instance, you can get large slabs, pitches, or steps from the same stone. Even though you will be using the same material, the different scales will add a visual appeal.

6. Create a cabana retreat

You need to decorate your home swimming pool using accessories that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. A good idea for this is to add a cabana to your pool area to transform your area into a retreat. You can line up your patio with beach loungers that will provide a relaxing ambience. Dress the lounge area with cushions and mini-bolsters that work great for sun-bathing, massages, or just laying around on a lazy afternoon.

7. Think about safety

When decorating your pool area, it is important to think about safety. For instance, while selecting the materials for hand landscaping, you have to consider their slipperiness. Since you will be walking around with your feet wet and splashing the water around, it can create a potential hazard. You should opt for non-slip, smooth pavers like saws, riven stones, etc. You should stick with mid-tones as dark paving can get hot. Also, white paving can be extremely dazzling in the sunlight. Try to opt for sawn finishes. Avoid any smooth-honed pavers. You can also use finishes such as flamed or bush-hammered to have a non-slip surface around your pool.

8. Mirror your pool

When it comes to decorating your pool, you should start by considering the features that already exist. Now that you have a pool in your backyard, you already have a soothing water feature. The elements in your pool area should highlight its traits. You can emphasize the colour of your swimming pool using a colour scheme inspired by nature, such as teal, white, or dark sea green. Mirror the water rippling in the water using curved furniture. Use the colour in the best way possible as it can change the way you perceive the hue of your pool water. There are some design apps available online that can help you with poolside decor.

Wrapping up

So, these were some effortless decorating ideas for your home swimming pool area. Using these, in only a short amount of time, you will have your summer oasis. If you are unsure about this, you can always get the help of professionals.

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