The pros and cons of marble pavers

You’ve seen them in magazines, on Pinterest and at your local garden centre. You’ve heard about the design benefits of using marble pavers for a patio or walkway, but what are the pros and cons? In this post, we’ll discuss the good and bad of using marble pavers so you can decide if they are the right material for you!

Marble pavers were first used in Ancient Rome as a decorative material for floors and stairs. Today they are often found on patios, balconies and driveways as they have proven to be one of the most durable materials available in terms of longevity.

About marble

Marble is composed of calcium carbonate and silica. It’s a sedimentary rock that forms through the deposition of calcium carbonate minerals such as calcite or aragonite, resulting in a crystalline structure. Marble has been used in architecture, sculpture and construction throughout history due to its durability. Marble is available in many different colours, including white, creams, blacks and beiges. Because they’re so durable they can be polished or left unpolished depending on how you want them to look!

Some common finishes for Marble Pavers

  • Polished

This is the most common finish for marble pavers, and it gives the stone a reflective sheen. It’s easy to maintain and will add visual interest to your patio or walkway. However, if you want a more textured look or you’re concerned about staining from mud or dirt on shoes, consider using another finish instead.

  • Honed

This matte finish hides imperfections and scratches in the stone but still allows its natural beauty to shine through. If you want your stone to look like it’s been tumbled by waves at sea—or if you’re worried about staining from muddy shoes—then honed is probably right for you. That said, this option may not be right if what attracts you most about marble pavers is their glossy appearance and reflectivity!

How much does it cost to pave with marble?

The cost to pave your driveway or patio with marble paving is dependent on several factors, including the size and thickness of the pavers. When shopping for marble pavers, you’ll want to consider these factors to determine which type of perth pavers will work best in your area:

  • Thickness – How thick the pavers are will affect how much they weigh. Thicker pavers will provide better support underfoot and can be used without having to reinforce your driveway. Typically areas that are considered high-traffic such as a driveway require thicker pavers to be able to withstand such conditions daily. Using thin marble pavers may result in cracking or chipping and this not only looks unappealing but it can become a hazard too.
  • Size – Most people think of “marble” as only referring to flooring materials; however, there are many different sizes available that fall under this umbrella term! While some types have very unique features such as veining patterns throughout their surface area (which gives them more depth), others simply look like huge chunks of solid rock — so it’s important when choosing which type best suits your needs not just look at pictures online but also visit local vendors who sell these products firsthand if possible so that they can help guide into making an informed decision about whether or not these types would fit well within

Marble is a stunning paving choice for practically every application!

Marble is a hard stone that will last longer than most other types of pavers, which makes it ideal for uses where longevity is important.

Marble can be expensive compared to other types of stones like limestone or sandstone; however, its beauty and exceptional durability make up for its high cost. Marble pavers display colours from dark blue through to light yellowish-white hues making them very versatile when trying to create an attractive design for any space within your home including entertainment areas, walkways, fire pits and so much more.

Marble pavers can be a beautiful addition to almost any outdoor space. With natural variations that make each piece unique, marble is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary—or somewhere in between—marble can accomplish that goal.


Let’s take a look at the pros of marble pavers

  • Marble pavers are a beautiful addition to any home or business. They add a sense of grandeur and sophistication, as well as a feeling of elegance and luxury.
  • The extra cost is worth it when you consider that marble is one of the most durable materials out there. Marble doesn’t expand or contract as much as other stones might do in extreme temperatures—this makes them ideal for outdoor use during summer months when heat increases outside temperature levels more rapidly than normal (and vice versa).


Here are some of the potential cons to using marble pavers

It is porous

Marble is quite porous and because of this, liquids and moisture absorb quickly into the stone. The marble can become damaged and discoloured as a result. You must constantly seal your marble flooring if you want to avoid this from happening. It stops it from absorbing any liquid-based stains.

It can damage easily

In addition to being porous, marble is also readily scuffed. Additionally, due to the smoothness of marble, scratches are quite noticeable to the unaided eye, detracting from its beauty.

Marble is extremely acid-sensitive. Therefore, there is a good probability that your flooring would stain and fade quickly if anything acidic came into contact with your marble. To avoid this, ensure that spills are cleaned up straight away.

It is expensive

It is well known that marble is pricey. While it is beautiful, you will need to determine whether it is worth the cost. For some, it is, for others it isn’t.

Are marble pavers right for your project?

Marble pavers are a popular paving material as they are durable and attractive. This article discussed some of the pros and cons of marble pavers so that you can make an informed decision about this material when considering your project needs. For more information on pavers, contact the professionals at Bonita Stone. We have a stunning collection of pavers on offer, and we can provide friendly advice on your options.

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