The Basic Principles of Minimalist Design

Modern minimalist design constantly gained a stream of fans over the last few years. Executing the principle into practice is not that easy from the get-go. But you can always find guidance on the fundamentals of minimalist design to help achieve the look and feel of a simple but charming design.

Plenty of open space

An essential element to a minimalist design is an expanse of space. Don’t be tempted to touch on these “negative” spaces and fill them in with pieces and furniture, no matter how simple they seem. That will destroy the idea altogether. Instead, keep the large open spaces open—and empty—and enjoy them that way.

Make simple furniture choices

When we say you should keep plenty of open spaces empty, we do not mean it would be a crime to buy furniture. Of course, you could, but you must think out your choices carefully. Pick out pieces that are simple enough but serve their purpose alright. The idea is to allow other accents like decorative art, fancy lighting, and wall ornaments to take centre stage. In the bedroom, for example, you may have to forego an elegant bed frame or headboard and keep the design of your bespoke fitted wardrobes simple, minus the dazzling drawer pulls. Let the spotlight shine on the accent element.

Achieve visual harmony

Minimalist design is calm and simple. It is far from the chaotic world of fancy of some home design elements. But it is not of the boring same, same principle either. The idea is to build the design around a muted colour theme and add textures to create a stunning visual. The rich texture of home items that are carefully picked according to an equilibrium of form and function will lend that muted surrounding an exciting and elegant life.

Invest in quality light fittings

Picking stylish lights is a great way to make your home looking gorgeous without going too far from the minimalist design. Remember that tip about keeping furniture choices simple to highlight other accents? Light fittings are great at taking the spotlight. Use it with a double purpose of accentuating your space by choosing beautiful designs that are art masterpieces themselves.

Go big on art

The focal point of a minimalist design is stunning visuals. If you can’t go big on furniture choices, your sources for breathtaking views are the accents, starting from the lighting fixtures and on to other prized pieces, especially artworks that are in a league of their own. On the other hand, if a nice scenic view surrounds your home location, you can let that all in and use it instead to become the focal point of your minimalist design. In that case, scale back on your interiors and let the view shine in all its glory.

Minimalism is not that easy to take to life. It can be difficult with commercialism at the forefront and with all the impressive items released in the market daily. But, don’t get us wrong, because a minimalist design is not about being frugal on your home accents either. It is all about achieving harmonious visuals with simple but stunning items that all work towards a purpose.

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