Style, Versatility: Why You Should Print On Canvas

Printing your most beloved images is a great experience! Whether it’s a family photo, a favourite painting or a special place, putting up a stunning image in the home is one of the things we absolutely love about decorating.

And what are some of the things that are so fantastic about canvas prints? Well, there are many, of course! Especially considering they take on glare and are so versatile that they can fit into any house they come across.

Let’s find out some of the reasons why you should put them up in your home:

  • They don’t have any glare

Images that are printed on glossy paper or framed in glass can be wonderful – we all know this! But they have to sit in the right location to perfect, or else they just might fall victim to the sun’s biting glare. In rooms that are full of light, images with shiny surfaces are susceptible to glare, making them essentially unviewable!

Not only this, but the sun’s glare can fade and discolour our beloved images, and although you can have them easily reprinted in this era, is that an expense and nuisance you really want to put yourself through? Honestly, it’s something that can be done without…

Conversely, canvas prints are made with a satin-matte finish, which is a non-glare material that is perfect for the home.

  • Style versatility

This printing style is absolutely timeless and wonderfully versatile. A natural fit for all decor styles and perfect for gift giving, this method is easily one of the most popular and for very good reason. What’s more, their versatility ensures that regardless of any design changes you make in the home the images will continue to look stunning.

  • They don’t break the bank

One of this technique’s most favoured benefits is its cost-efficiency. The cost of this technique is so much cheaper than purchasing an art piece of a similar size, and you even get to see your own favourite image or a piece of your photography displayed in its grandest form!

  • There are numerous size options

This style has so many size options that it makes it simple to pick up a style in the exact way you want it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gallery wall, several smaller prints or a super-sized image, you can have your own style printed and made in a size of your choosing.

  • Most photos look amazing when printed on canvas

But what it ultimately comes down to is its overall beauty, and canvas prints have this in droves. Essentially, whatever you choose to have printed will likely look amazing, as opposed to other photo art products which limit the type of image you can have printed. Portraits, for example, don’t look as stunning when printed on a classic silver metal print because of the brushed, raw aluminium that shows low saturation in particular areas. Canvas prints, conversely, will make nearly any photo look incredible, except for maybe photos where the people are too hard to see or are too small in the image.

As you can see, this style is the ultimate way to project your images. With style, versatility and durability being the leading factors for why this product is a winner, there is no reason why you would want to overlook having this style for your home! Find out more by talking to your local printing expert today.

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