Struggling with Clutter in Your Small Living Space

As more and more millennials are swooping in to lease smaller houses and apartments, many are struggling to find a place for their belongings. We have all this stuff but nowhere to put it.

Not only can clutter have negative effects on the property, but it can also have a negative effect on the mind.

Besides the lack of ample square footage, there are reasons why clutter seems to take over.

Many people tend to hold on to a specific piece of clothing or home item if it’s sentimental, a gift or being saved for a just-in-case event. Emotions can make belongings feel irreplaceable, but you should recognize when something is ready to go.

Also, Most clutter piles get bigger simply because they become part of the general landscape. By implementing a functional routine, cleaning could become second nature and clutter won’t have time to accumulate.

For more on how to combat clutter in your life, check out the resource below!

  Struggling With Clutter from Mo2 Properties, a   Chicago Apartment Rental Company

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