Pillows – Home Furnishings 10 Different Types Of Pillows You Can Buy

A few decades ago, any one of us would not have wondered the importance of shopping for the right pillow in the market. Well, in the millennial generation, pillows are equally essential, just like our mattress. There are different types of pillowshome furnishings available in the market; hence you will have to select the right one to ensure that you don’t land into trouble.

For example, if you are suffering from a stiff neck or severe headache, you can go with a cervical support pillow made from memory foam and boom, all your pain would vanish like magic. On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper, you must go with a soft neck with a high loft to ensure that your neck doesn’t get strained and ache when you wake up.

According to recent research, many youngsters are dealing with a stiff neck and pinched nerve problems as they spend most of their time on smartphones or working on computers or laptops. If you are one among those, it is quite essential for you to understand different types of pillows as they can make a huge difference.

1: Down pillow:

If you love to sleep on your back or stomach, a down pillow is all you will need to have a good night sleep. Most of the down pillows are made from goose or duck feathers. As down pillows are made from feathers, you must ensure that you purchase them from an authorized dealer who assures that no birds were harmed during the manufacturing. These pillows can last long and also have a soft cushion which you would love to use.

2: Feather pillow:

Do you want to experience what it feels like to sleep on soft clouds? You must shop for feather pillows as they will ensure that you get all the luxury you deserve. Feather pillows are made from feathers and are also quite similar to down pillows. They retain heat; hence they are not good if you live in warm or humid regions.

3: Cotton pillows:

Cotton pillows are a classic version of pillows, and their trend has continued for ages. One of the prominent reasons behind the popularity of cotton pillows is they are versatile in nature. They are long-lasting and easy to clean, but they will never contour with your head; hence you might experience mild neck pain or stiff neck every morning. They also don’t retain any heat, making them perfect for people who are allergic to feather and down pillows.

4: Memory foam pillow: 

Memory foam pillows are new market leaders and are also quite trending as they adapt to any body shape, making them ideal pillows for people suffering from cervical problems. One of the best advantages of using memory foam pillows is they provide the right support and comfort to your head and neck, offering a comfortable environment. Some memory foam pillows might also retain body heat which is the only drawback of memory foam pillows.

5: Latex Pillow: 

Latex pillows are also quite trending like memory foam pillows as they offer healthy support to the neck and body. They also provide a soft and cosy environment for good night sleep. One of the best advantages of shopping for latex pillows is they are available in shredded and solid material. They are also expensive and not a great option for people suffering from allergic reactions.

6: Polyester pillow:

If you are looking for cheaper and comfortable pillows in the market, you must go with polyester or poly-filled pillows. They are quite affordable and lightweight, making them perfect for all the people who love to travel. They are also popular for retaining a lot of body heat, but they are ideal for people who are budget–conscious.

7: Shredded memory foam pillow: 

Shredded memory foam pillows are quite similar to aesthetic memory foam pillows, and what makes them different is its offers customization preference to all individuals. You can have full control over how much foam will be good for your body. They are also quite easy to clean and don’t clump like cotton pillows. If you are suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, most orthopaedic specialists would recommend you to go with shredded memory foam pillows.

8: Down Alternative pillow: 

If you are interested in down pillows but cannot afford them as they are expensive, you can go with an alternative down pillow. Down pillows are made from feathers, while the alternative version is made from polyester, which makes it quite cheaper. They can also develop lumps which can cause some serious aches every morning. You don’t have to deal with ethical sources or related issues when you shop for alternative down pillows.

9: Wool pillows: 

If you love using soft cushions, nothing can match the superior quality offered by woollen pillows. Moreover, you can also shop for pillows containing 100% wool or mix it with cotton or polyester. They will suit your needs if you are looking for the fluffiest material in the pillow market. If you are a vegan or animal activist, this pillow is not made for you as you can move on to the next option. Keep in mind always try to buy from authorized dealers who don’t hurt or harm animals for manufacturing pillows or any other product. You will have to also go with the dry cleaning option, which can be a little expensive.

10: Gel pillow: 

Gel pillows are quite similar to memory foam pillows as they adjust to the body of the sleeper. They also don’t retain heat and stay cool throughout the night. Although they are expensive when compared to memory foam pillows, they are also worth the price.


So, these were the ten different types of pillows popular in the market, and we hope this list will help you find the right one for your good night sleep. Keep in mind that when you are shopping for pillows, prioritize comfort over any other factor, as shopping for the right pillow can seriously impact your health.

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