Mark Roemer Oakland Describes Great Decorating Tips for Your Household or Office


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, whether you want to decorate your home office or any other room in your house, it should be practical yet pleasant enough to evoke a sense of comfort and joy. You can browse through numerous home decor guides and follow the advice of top interior design experts, but ultimately, you should only use decor elements that resonate with your personality and style.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few great decorating tips for your household or office:

  1. Set up ample storage space – Whether you want to decorate your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, or home office, every room must include ample space to house the necessary things that you would use when in that room. For instance, you would have to have space to store important items such as printers, copiers, pens, notepads, and other accessories. For other rooms such as the kitchen, you would need sufficient storage space to store jars, utensils, and more.

Thus, it makes sense to purchase furniture, preferably custom-built, to attend to all your storage requirements. Moreover, you should definitely realize that organization is the key to optimizing your room space. Thus, every item and accessory must have their designated space and should be returned to their original space after every use. Finally, you must learn how to utilize the vertical space as well as the horizontal space.

  1. Focus on the specifics – While decorating any room, you have to keep in mind their specific requirements and purpose. For instance, living rooms must have a comfortable couch for guests to sit in, a few wall artworks, chandeliers, or a fireplace if necessary.

Similarly, a home office must include a desk or a table and chair that are not only functional but comfortable to sit on or use for multiple hours at a stretch.

  1. Breathe some life into the space – No matter the type of room, it should never be devoid of life and natural beauty. A simple way to introduce some greenery and life in your home office or any other room is to add some potted plants that require low maintenance. For instance, you can purchase spider plants, snake plants, air plants, and more to fill the space with clean and calming energy and make the rooms feel more natural. There is nothing worse than working or relaxing in a room that feels stale and unnatural.
  1. Allow natural light – Although artificial lighting solutions are excellent, there is no alternative to natural light if you want to make your space feel more vibrant, functional, and beautiful. Thus, always ensure that you don’t cover the windows during the daytime to allow ample natural light to get inside and illuminate the rooms.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you add some artwork suitable for each specific room. For instance, you can add artworks that exude a romantic vibe in bedrooms. Similarly, you can add artworks that feature inspiring quotes from your role models in your home office. The main thing to keep in mind is that the artworks should match the energy and vibe of the rooms.

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