Incredible Benefits Of Investing In Granny Flat Floor Plans At Your Home!

If you’re thinking about investing in Granny Flat Floor Plans at your home, then you’re on the fast track towards an incredibly rewarding investment that’ll accrue in value for decades to come!

From a homeowner’s perspective granny flat construction investments can go so far when it comes to a variety of different real estate incentives, and of course these types of floor plans are also great for growing families.

Below we’ll be going over some of the most incredible benefits associated with investing in granny flat floor plans!

Housing An Older Parent Or Family Member

As the name of the floor plan suggests, granny flats are a great investment when you’re trying to provide a residence for an elderly relative on your property. What everyone loves about granny flat ADUs is that everyone is able to keep a reasonable amount of privacy while still being on the same lot.

Having a granny flat will keep your loved one close by, so you can enjoy meals together and make the most of your loved one’s golden years!

Providing Consistent Passive Income

Granny flats are also considered to be one of the very best real estate investments that a homeowner can make, because it can go a long way when you turn your ADU into a source of passive income that can help you accrue wealth over long periods of time.

You can either use your granny flat as a short-term rental on sites like Air BnB, or you can consider leasing to a long-term renter who’ll pay you a hefty amount on a monthly basis. Whatever direction you go, you’re going to end up creating an incredible source of passive income for you and your family!

Downsizing Into Your Granny Flat & Renting Your Main House

Although a lot of people have always dreamed of owning a single-family home, times have changed and people’s priorities are quickly shifting. One interesting idea to consider with your granny flat investment is actually downsizing you and your spouse into the flat and renting out your main house.

This allows countless couples to travel the world and live mortgage-free, and this level of passive income truly can be life-changing for so many people who aren’t all that concerned about downsizing their living space.

The same investment opportunity applies to renting out your main home as your potential granny flat, because you could lease it out on short-term sites or do long-term leases with another family.

Dramatically Increasing Your Property Value

It shouldn’t come as a surprise how a granny flat investment can dramatically increase your home’s value. Many real estate specialists have estimated that granny flats bring in an ROI of at least 70%, which is a great investment rate.

So investing in a granny flat truly is a long-term investment that goes so much further than most other real estate investments!

Creating A Private Home Office

A lot of people are now working from home these days, and this is creating conflicts in terms of quietness and privacy in home offices. But that’s exactly why a lot of people are investing in granny flats!

Creating a private home office on your property can do wonders for your remote work productivity, which can have a positive ripple effect for your entire career!

Providing A Place For Friends & Family To Stay When They Visit

Giving your visitors a comfortable place to stay on your property can make these times a lot more fun for you as well. Your friends and family will feel more comfortable staying for an extended period of time in your granny flat, as opposed to your main home.

This can lead to great holidays and vacations spent between you and the people you love most!

Reach Out To The Dryve Design Group, Inc. To Learn More About Granny Flat Floor Plans!

Granny flats are one of the best ADU investments in today’s real estate market, and the above benefits are just the beginning in terms of what you can expect from these incredible investments.

You can learn more about granny flat floor plans by going through the hyperlink at the top of the blog to the Dryve Design Group’s website!

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