How To Make The Most Out Of Your Strawberry Harvest

Once you have invested in your strawberry plants, it is time to start thinking about how you can make the most out of your pending harvest.

There is nothing that says summer more than strawberries. But, before you go ahead and rush out to buy your strawberry plants, make sure that you are buying them from a quality supplier. A good grower should not only have strawberries plants for sale, he should also have other offers such as fruit trees for sale.

Do Strawberries Grow Well With Fruit Trees?

Growing fruit trees and strawberries go hand in hand. Both attract pollinators to your garden. Some vigorously flowering varieties attract more beneficial insects than other. Please bear that in mind when you look for fruit trees for sale or strawberry plants.

Making The Most Out Of Your Strawberry Harvest

Making the most out of your strawberry harvest is easy. Not only can you make strawberry jam, but you can try your hand at other flavour combinations as well.

Strawberries are one of those fruits that is perfect for combining with other fruits. For instance, you can combine strawberries with rhubarb and produce a jam which picks up something special from the rhubarb. Believe it or not, strawberries and pears are also a match made in heaven.

More To Strawberries Than Jam

But there is more to strawberries than jam. When you want to preserve that special summer taste, you should try your hand at freezing them or drying them. The downside of freezing strawberries, is that they can go a bit soggy when you defrost them.

Drying them is often a much better option. Buy a dehydrator and you will have wonderfully tasting strawberries all year long. You can use them in cakes or you can just put them on your porridge or muesli in the morning.

Before you go ahead and buy your plants, find out what strawberry variety is right for you. New varieties are often more disease resistant. There is also a difference in taste and how much plants produce during a growing season.

It is a good idea to invest in a couple of varieties to find out which ones like your garden more than others. The same thing goes for fruit trees and other soft fruits that you would like to have a go at growing in your garden. Success is all about finding the fruits and berries that do best in your area.

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