How to Create A Beautiful Family Home

You don’t have to have the biggest space to have a beautiful home for you and your family. We’ve put together the perfect tips to creating a wonderful living space, fit for a family, and fit for purpose. It’s all about using your space wisely, introducing pure comfort and giving yourself and your family some privacy in the home to enjoy your day-to-day life.

Create Privacy and Space

 Creating privacy and space can work in more than one way:

  • Dressing your windows appropriately for a good level of privacy in the home
  • Introducing privacy to your garden through a variety of products

Firstly, understanding your window space is important. If you have large windows that are visible to many people, letting a lot of light into your home you can consider purchasing some textured curtains to add depth and comfort to your living space, alongside some beautiful, white, wooden shutters to give you maximum control over lighting and privacy.

In addition to the privacy of your indoor space, now is the time to consider some privacy for your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor space is, there are options for everybody here:

  • Grow a living fence
  • Fill the gaps with bamboo or trellises
  • Plant a pergola
  • Create some modern panelling
  • Introducing garden curtains

 Introducing Textures for Comfort

 Textures and definition are the perfect way to introduce comfort into any family home. If you feel your space is looking a little bland and sparse, then this is a cosy, elegant solution for you and your home. Balancing out your space in the form of curtains and blinds, or perhaps even a voile curtain you are adding the ultimate finishing touch to your interior design. Couture Living provide beautiful solutions to your fabric needs when introducing textures for comfort in the home.

 Make Your Space Useful

 We’ve all spent time looking at storage solutions online to make our home both beautiful and useful. Afterall, useful IS beautiful. Never underestimate the power of a wicker basket, particularly in your bathroom space. Introduce beautiful accessories into your home that have useful storage solutions, for example, utilising wicker baskets in your bathroom space for your toilet roll and flannel storage as well as using individual storage containers in your kitchen cupboards and cleaning cupboards to keep all your food organised and minimising waste.

In addition to pretty baskets for storage, you can use the following for excellent storage:

  • Cube storage with baskets for shoe storage
  • TV Units for DVD / Video Gaming and Tea light / Candle storage
  • Cube storage sideboards for children’s art supplies, towels, bathroom products, electrical equipment, and books
  • Ottoman bed storage for additional clothes, accessories, or even Christmas decoration.

Top tip: Be sure to de clutter your space once a month to keep that unwanted clutter at bay!

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