FAQs About Residential Duct Cleaning in Denver CO!

The spring and summer months are often the best time of year for Colorado homeowners to clean out their air duct systems, and this is partly because the rest of the year is frigid.

The duct cleaning denver co experts at Apex Clean Air support homeowners throughout the Denver metro area with all sorts of residential duct cleaning services, and they answer many questions from their customers on a daily basis.

The Apex team has now teamed up with us at Simply Modern Home to provide a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that they typically receive. So if you’re currently planning a duct cleaning appointment and have some questions on your mind, check out the below sections to see if your concerns are answered!

What exactly is air duct cleaning, and why is important for homes in Denver CO?

Residential air duct cleaning is the process of removing and eliminating mold, dust and other common obstructions from a home’s HVAC vents. Many professional businesses specialize in helping homeowners get to hard-to-reach places like furnaces, ventilation systems, evaporator coils, dryer vents, and many other HVAC system components that require routine cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is absolutely essential for every household, because it properly protects a family’s health, ensures HVAC system longevity, and helps people lower their overall utility costs.

Should I invest in duct cleaning after purchasing a new home?

Even though it may seem like a brand new home doesn’t need air duct cleaning, the truth is that construction debris is a common contaminant that’s found within new duct systems. This includes sawdust, drywall dust and many other fine particles that construction crews leave behind when they’re cleaning up at the end of a project.

The best way to remove construction debris within a new home’s duct system is to invest in professional duct cleaning services.

What are the health benefits associated with duct cleaning?

Bacteria, fungi and dust are known to develop within residential ventilation systems, and these types of airway obstructions can sometimes be detrimental to a household’s health.

By removing these HVAC system contaminants, homeowners can subsequently improve their property’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and reap many health benefits!

Will professional duct cleaning help me reduce my utility bills?

It’s common for homes to experience abnormally high utility bills when their air ducts are clogged or fully blocked with debris, and these airway obstructions are also detrimental for residential HVAC systems as well.

This means that your HVAC system will work much harder than it’s actually supposed to, which will significantly drive up your home’s energy consumption. But by cleaning out your ducts and HVAC system, you’ll increase your property’s overall energy efficiency and extend your system’s functional lifetime.

How often do I need air duct cleaning at my house?

Although there isn’t a set-in-stone industry standard that every homeowner needs to follow when it comes to air duct cleaning, it’s safe to say that air duct cleaning is something that people need on a yearly basis at most.

Many people will clean out their air ducts ever two years, but in large cities like Denver CO, it’s a safer bet to invest in duct cleaning services on a yearly basis due to poor urban air quality and other environmental factors.

Can I do DIY air duct cleaning?

There are certain DIY cleaning tasks that homeowners can do to help ensure proper air duct functionality. You can change out your HVAC air filters on a regular basis, but the tough truth is that homeowners simply aren’t going to be able to get to those hard-to-reach areas without professional-grade equipment. So although DIY duct maintenance and cleaning technically is possible, it can’t replace professional service investments.

The good news is that many air duct cleaning companies utilize advanced technology to help homeowners clean even the most obscure parts of their duct systems!

Are chemicals used in the air duct cleaning process?

Most air duct specialists don’t use chemicals, but instead use hospital-grade sanitizer products to thoroughly treat a property’s ductwork system. These sanitizers are eco-friendly, and they do a great job at breaking down dust, odors and other grime that commonly build up within residential HVAC systems.

Contact The Duct Cleaning Experts At Apex Clean Air When You Need Help At Your Home In Denver CO!

It’s likely that it’s been a while since you’ve last invested in air duct cleaning at your house, and there are many homeowners who’ve never had their ductwork thoroughly cleaned.

If you’re looking to invest in duct cleaning services in Denver CO, check out the link at the top of this page to speak directly with the industry specialists at Apex Clean Air!

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