Exciting Interior Design Trends For 2023

A new year, for many, is the ideal time to reinvent a living space, bringing new life into a home and revitalising designs. This could be a fresh lick of paint, new furniture, or even a structural change, such as an extension.

For the interior design scene, this means that, all at once, there is a new wave of creativity and change, resulting in a number of new trends across the country. It is one of the most important times of the year and one that designers watch with great interest.

Now, as we approach another new year, we are sharing the interior design trends set to take over in 2023.


Sparse and unstated designs, those of the Scandinavian minimalist movement, are no longer being celebrated as they once were. Now, replacing white walls and pale woods, there is a growing fondness for maximalism.

This doesn’t mean messiness is trendy. In fact, there is a keen eye required for stylish maximalism. Textures must complement each other, as with colours, which can be difficult when bold designs are in play. Those homeowners that are successful, however, are often rewarded with a unique and impressive home design.

Nature Rooms

Alongside a growing interest in mental health, living spaces are being designed with individual well-being in mind. One such product is the nature room, a space that is dedicated to the tranquillity and beauty of nature. Historically known as botanical rooms, these spaces have long been valued for their beauty.

To create one such space at home, many are seeking to find log cabins for sale. These stunning outbuildings are easy to establish and can be designed to fit within and suit any type of garden space. As well as customisable interior spaces, their exterior can also be merged with garden designs, making them quite attractive.

Royal Stylings

Regal embellishments are in. Manifesting as golden trims, elegant chandeliers, and an array of jewel-like colours, from ruby to emerald, homes are drawing from royal influences and decadent features. Flashy aesthetics, such as Gatsby-esque art deco flourishes are also making an appearance with homeowners now choosing opulence over understatement.

Accordingly, many antique dealers are now seeking out dark woods and art deco stylings, so be sure to act quickly if you’re interested in having some of your own.

Soft Shapes

Modern designs have long been focused on angular designs, making use of geometrics and corners. Now, these shapes are being softened and swapped for circles, ovals, and anything with curves. These shapes better mimic natural landscapes and have become associated with biophilic design.

Curves are also more strongly associated with the designs of the 1960s and 1970s, growing also as a part of their revival.

Organic Materials

Stones and woods, while generally more costly, are becoming more popular, championed partly for the longevity they assure but also their organic aesthetic. Interior designers are stepping away from imitation materials and modern products, such as plastics.

There is, of course, an associated aesthetic largely responsible for this interest, with many interior designers referencing a fondness for cottagecore and farmhouse stylings as making a return.

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