Diy Mirror Frames: A Comprehensive Guide

Mirrors give a room depth and mystery while reflecting light and making it appear brighter and larger. Isn’t it true that mirrors have only one flaw? They can be pretty expensive. Using these simple DIY mirror frames ideas, any ordinary mirror may be transformed into a stunning showstopper. Check out these DIY mirror frame projects for a variety of themes, including industrial, modern, and antique-inspired designs.

Making a Fringed Mirror Frame

A row of blush-colored fringe may be added to a half-moon mirror to transform it into beautiful yet practical wall art. Any decor is given an opulent boost by the ombre yarn’s sophisticated, boho appearance.

A gold mirror frame crafted by hand

A tarnished or outdated mirror can be instantly improved by using metallic gold craft paint. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to remove the glass before diving in because paint easily peels off the glass.

Homemade holographic mirror frame

Holographic vinyl sheets transform any average mirror into something amazing. If you’re short on time or don’t want to spend much money on supplies, using sticky paper with a graphic you like is a quick DIY makeover.

Mirror fashioned from window panes

It’s fantastic that this initiative started with a $1 store. This exquisite statement mirror may be made with a sheet of plywood, a few small rectangular mirrors, and your choice of paint color.

Homemade Round Wooden Mirror

Making a DIY circular mirror frame is simple and involves little handiwork and creativity. The course leads you through each step of the process to create a magnificent end product that looks like it was purchased in a store.

Large, modern, do-it-yourself rectangular mirror

A large statement mirror adds depth and openness to your space. It’s astonishing that this beautiful silver frame only costs $30 to make.

Making a Sunburst Stick Mirror

Wooden sticks are used to give a circular mirror a more rustic appearance. The wood might be painted or distressed or left natural for a relaxed, beachy look.

A repurposed fitness mirror

Anything is possible if a gym mirror can be converted into this gorgeous gilded work of art. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that this wonderful frame was created from strip wood, whole coffee beans, and other nice surprises.

DIY Arched Mirror

Even a small mirror can have a tremendous impact. The arched design and light wood of this DIY mirror frame appear both delicate and robust, and because it’s so portable, it works nicely for both makeup and adorning gallery walls.

Handcrafted French Vintage Mirror

These handcrafted antique French mirror frames look to have come from a Paris estate auction. They are thrift store photo frames with a farmhouse flavor, mirror effect spray paint, and a stippling brush for a delightfully worn appearance.

Squiggle Mirror (DIY)

Squiggle design is trendy right now for a good reason: it’s playful but elegant and shines against clean, modern lines. This project requires plywood and a jigsaw, but you may always hire a professional to cut the board for you if you don’t have these tools. After all, DIY does not need to imply doing everything yourself.

Homemade Round Rainbow Mirror Frame

This vivid clay border can add a rainbow pop to your space. We love how this cheerful mirror works well in both a child’s room and as a pop of color in more muted settings.

Wrapping Up

The sculptural rays in this gorgeous sunburst mirror are created using foil baking sheets. You may entirely personalize this one by designing your forms and textures. When you see it, it’s impossible to believe that the finished product wasn’t purchased from a high-end retailer.


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