Different Types Of Patio Enclosures You Should Consider

Living in a locality with a favorable climate allowing you to enjoy comfy evenings in your backyard, is considered a blessing. This is even more so with the currently rushed, fast-paced life. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home under such circumstances would be setting up a patio enclosure. Patio enclosures are structures that provide protection against the elements while letting you enjoy your time in the open. There are many types of patio enclosures, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

This is, of course, provided that you invest in one that suits the different aspects of your home and location. Here are the different types of patio enclosures you can choose from based on personal conditions and preferences.

Perennial patio enclosures

As the name clearly suggests, these patio enclosures are designed with the idea of staying strong and suitable for accommodation all through the year despite dire climate conditions. Such four-season enclosures are designed with in-built solutions to fulfill cooling and heating, with scenic views and adequate natural lighting. Most commonly seen as extensions to the home’s basic exterior, they are often a permanent extension of the main unit.

Temporary enclosures

In case of living conditions that only allow you to enjoy peaceful patio evenings at one particular part of the year, such temporary solutions could be your piece of cake. This could work both ways, specifically being designed to suit either winter weather or summer. Winter patios are often directed towards maintaining a good hearth or heating system, which is at the same time flexible enough to be stored or folded into the framework easily when not in use. Commonly, these patios are framed with the help of different types of screens.

Commonly used varieties include:

  1. Insulated curtains
  2. Dropdown panels
  3. Removable panel screens
  4. Vinyl panels
  5. Mosquito curtains

Patio enclosure screens

Large enclosure screens are pretty common sights across homes along the sea. This is because these patios are designed in such a way as to prevent bugs and insects from entering while maintaining natural airflow across the setup. With properly placed screens to shield from such disturbances and rain, they can be pretty reliable and sturdy and are a perfect fit for coastal setups when paired with aluminum screen mesh options. Other possible materials that can be included in your patio enclosure kit are clear vinyl, vinyl, acrylic, and glass. This choice can be made depending on a list of factors, including location, budget, climate, etc.

Glass patio enclosures

Also called sunrooms, these setups are designed with the main goal of letting in a lot of natural sunlight. These designs allow a large buffer for flexibility and customization, allowing you to incorporate features for year-round usage. This can also be modified to cover pre-existing decks at your home, providing additional savings and the benefit of a patio.

In such cases, you will simply have to make accurate measurements of your deck’s dimensions and get it fitted with an appropriate glass material according to your needs. Such patios can also be maintained as a controlled-climate setting and fitted with heating and cooling systems.

Such glass patios easily double up as a solarium or a stargazing spot when completed with a glass roof. One can also cultivate special plants that require attention within these clear glass patios.


A patio enclosure would still be a good investment even under time-restricted conditions where you are rewarded with good weather only during particular seasons. Currently, some options allow for ample customization to make patios functional according to any possible climate. To wrap things up, a patio is an ideal home-based setting that allows you to kick back and relax whenever you need.

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