Creating A Luxury Bedroom

Comfort is key when creating a luxury bedroom. You can create a beautiful finish if you analyse exactly what it is you need and how you’re going to approach it. Considering upholstering the walls to make a statement headboard is a beautiful way to create elegance and luxury inside your bedroom whilst providing a statement piece and a focal point to the room.


Considering textures is a beautiful way to add luxury to your bedroom. Introducing a variety of materials for your furnishings such as thick throws in neutral tones with soft cushions in velvet or fur adds a hotel feel to your bedroom and introduces the 5* luxury you deserve to experience every day. Break up your bedding by using different throws and the additional décor pieces such as a coffee tray with a candle, coffee table books and a small faux plant. Looking into the home accessories available at Buster & Punch sparks the inspiration for luxury lifestyle.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch


Sectioning areas of your bedroom for office work, seating and having a coffee really adds to the element of luxury within your bedroom space. It doesn’t matter on the size of your room; you can use this interior design style anywhere. Firstly, decide what you will use the space for and then you can begin to design your room around this.


The lighting element of your luxury bedroom is what will really add the finishing touch to your luxury design. Ensure there is plenty of lighting around any vanity tables and incorporate reading lights above your bed. Nothing screams more elegant and luxury than a pendant light to mark a beautiful focal point to the room. Buster & Punch provide a beautiful design for a drop pendant that would hang elegantly above any bed with their own customising hooks to give you the opportunity to put your own stamp on the lighting element of the room. You can pair the lighting with matching dimmer switches to give you the opportunity to add some additional ambiance to your luxurious room. Their crafted pendant lights are designed to work in harmony with any matching switches from their lighting collection which will add the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful bedroom.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch


Ensure you invest in the best possible bed for your new luxury bedroom. You will certainly thank yourself later when you do because this bed will last you such a long time, the sense of luxury will never age either, so the piece is practically timeless whilst making an elegant statement piece in your room. Topping your bed with a beautiful array of pillows and throws creates a stunning dynamic centre piece as you walk into your bedroom. You’ll certainly feel invited to bed when you see the sophisticated finish to your new room with the luxurious bed linen and throws to dive into at the end of a long day. You are certainly bringing the 5* luxury experience home with you when you transform your bedroom into a life of luxury.

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