Contemporary lighting ideas for your kitchen

Contemporary style is influenced by current fashion trends. As a result, ‘contemporary’ is an ever-changing style that is influenced by current culture, trends, and inventions. This, of course, makes the style tough to pin down when looking for items such as modern kitchen lighting, but it also allows for some rule-breaking when it comes to utilising contemporary features in interior design.

The present contemporary style is quite comparable to modern design, which is a timeless reference to design from the mid-twentieth century. Because of these similarities, as well as the names’ similar connotations, many people believe the styles are interchangeable.

While the current contemporary style has been influenced by the simple forms and clean lines of modern design, the general style known as contemporary will continue to evolve and change.

Characteristics of contemporary light fittings

Contemporary lighting currently has a smooth shape made up of simple lines and curves. There are no ornaments or distracting textures in the design. The majority of current lighting uses grayscale tones; however, a splash of colour is occasionally used. Designs that make use of modern breakthroughs are a major indicator of contemporary lighting. Lights that incorporate a statement to create an effortless but bold profile are one example of this.

Dome Pendant Lighting

Dome pendant light fittings are the centre of attention for contemporary lighting. Dome Pendant fittings are adaptable and are an excellent choice for any room!

Not only are Dome pendants available to buy with a choice of bulbs, but they are also usually available in a number of contemporary finishes. These finishes include bronze, steel or glass along with many more depending on where you look. The sleek frame, paired with the tapering shade and metallic finish, will provide an elevated and contemporary feel for any room.

Edison Pendant Lighting

Edison Pendant fittings bring visible bulbs, curving design, and fascinating assemblage to the table, combining characteristics of both modern and contemporary design.

With such grace, this gorgeous light fixture encompasses both modern and contemporary styles with a sleek finish. The Edison Pendant’s metal lines and neutral colours, bows to the current style. While still bringing the best of contemporary style with its incredible movement and new deconstructed look.

Edison pendant fittings will look great in any kitchen, dining room, or bar. It’s simple but unusual design will be a favourite for all the family.

Caged Pendant Lighting

If you want to add a touch of industrial elegance to your kitchen, entryway, or lounge, now is the time to think about caged pendant lighting. When clustered together, caged pendant lights can make a fantastic centrepiece. A statement piece like this adds drama and edge to help the free space in any area of the house.

Purchasing the same pendant in a variety of colours and hanging them together above your kitchen island or dining room table is often the ideal finishing touch!

Hopefully, these examples of contemporary light fittings will help you kit your home out with the perfect modern lighting.

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