Cheap Swimming Pools- Are They Worth It?

People want a swimming pool to relax and laze in their backyard, but often most of them end up buying a cheap swimming pool due to budget constraints. However, have you ever thought about how worthy cheap pools are? Don’t you feel you may have to encounter maintenance issues and repair problems in the future, given the low grade materials used in their construction? There is a wide range of cheap swimming pools on the market but you as a smart homeowner need to think and define what an affordable pool truly is.

If you are on the lookout for cheap swimming pools, this article is for you. The following paragraphs cover everything you need to know about the cheap pools and the alternatives you can consider.

Factors influencing the pool costs

What are the factors that make a pool cheap or expensive? There are numerous factors that decide a pool’s final price, and there’s certainly a huge difference between the cheap pools and the high-end ones.

Size: The bigger the pool, more are the costs involved in building, transporting and installing. The maintenance costs are also higher since you need to buy more chemicals to keep the water safe and use more energy to light and heat it.

Design: A simple square or rectangle pool costs much lesser than an elaborate pool with added features like jets and steps.

Above-ground/ In-ground: An above-ground pool can be easily installed on a level area, making it a more affordable option. An in-ground pool, on the other hand, will require your pool company to dig out your yard. It is labor-intensive, thus it will cost more.

Yard access and shape: Your pool price will go up if there are obstacles to your yard access. Your pool builder will be required to work around to reach your yard and install the pool. The pool price will also be influenced if your backyard is oddly shaped since the pool company will need to make efforts to place your pool.

Pool material: Plastic pool is the cheapest option, but because the material is not sturdy, it won’t last long. Concrete and fibreglass are more popular and last longer than plastic pools. Fibreglass pools are also more affordable when compared to the concrete pools.

If you are looking for a cheap pool that lasts longer and is low on maintenance, fibreglass pool is the best option. Concrete pools are labor-intensive, making them quite expensive. Fibreglass pools are also prefabricated, and take only a few days to get installed.

Your budget is also one of the prominent factors that dictate the pool you are going to buy. You can buy a durable pool, provided you forego extra features like seating, steps, infinity-edge or any other appeal-enhancing aspects.

After understanding the factors that influence a pool’s cost, let us now explore the above-ground and in-ground pool options. Gain an insight into these to be able to make an informed decision.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are simply fantastic. There are a range of options for you to choose from and all you need is a level area for this kind of pool to sit on. You can use a concrete slab to place your pool, since the ground can sometimes settle, misaligning the pool.

Once you place the pool on a level area in your yard, it all set to go. No matter which above-ground pool you choose, convenience stays unmatched. Fibreglass, vinyl-lined and inflatable pools are some popular above-ground pools. They are highly affordable and come with durable metal frames or reinforced vinyl features.

Vinyl-lined pools: These are affordable pools that involve a simple set-up process. They can as well be effortlessly removed and transported if you move into another house. However, these pools can get damaged and you will need to replace the liner once in 5-7 years.

Inflatable pools: Inflatable pools are the cheapest option. They are plastic pools and one needs to blow them to fill with water. You can use these pools whenever you want but take note, you cannot expect durability. They are prone to damage. However, they are convenient and you can choose to pack and put them away during the colder months, or when you want to move house.

Fibreglass pools: These pools are pre-designed and come with strong fibreglass shells that ensure durability. They can easily sit on level, uneven or sloped terrain. Besides the affordability, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of sizes and shapes. Their surfaces are algae and bacteria-resistant, so you will not be required to use a lot of chemicals. They don’t need resurfacing, further bringing down the maintenance costs.

In-ground pools

In-ground pools are more expensive. If you are interested in getting an in-ground pool, your pool company should first excavate your yard before getting on to the installation work. So, the excavation costs add to your pool price.

The size of the pool also influences the final price of your in-ground pool. A plunge pool is smaller and the cheapest option. But if you want your pool to go deeper, again, the pool company should excavate more which adds to the cost.

In-ground pool options

Vinyl-liner, concrete and fibreglass are the options available under the in-ground pool category. As we discussed earlier, concrete pools need to built on site and are labour-intensive, making them an expensive option. Vinyl-liner and fibreglass pools are cheaper and easier to install.

When you need to choose between vinyl-liner and fibreglass pool, we recommend fibreglass. They are stronger, more durable, easier to clean and maintain. Vinyl-liner pools, as already said, will require resurfacing every 5 years.

Now you know all the options and the factors that affect a swimming pool’s price, think it over. Make a purchase decision based on your budget, durability needs and appeal expectations. A swimming pool is a one-time investment, so ensure you do it right the first time. You can also get in touch with your local pool builder or visit the website if you need help in finding the right pool for your home.

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