Best plants to consider for landscaping the area around your fibreglass pool

Turn your pool area into a green, relaxing space

With so many people craving open spaces in urban areas, you should actually consider yourself lucky to have a pool area where you can relax. Thinking of sprucing up the area with some greenery? That’s a great idea! You can turn your pool area into a peaceful space by incorporating some plants, which will lend a great vibe to it. The presence of lush greenery and flowering plants around the area soothes the senses and sets the mood for an enjoyable time with guests.

Choosing the right plants will ensure that your pool area is aesthetically pleasing and also easy to maintain. Ideally, you should go for plants and foliage that don’t create a mess around your pool area. They should be able to withstand sun exposure and provide ample shade. Most importantly, they afford you the privacy you need around your pool area while taking a dip. They are truly a great way to boost the perceived value of your property by ensuring both aesthetics and utility.

But not all plants are suitable for the area around your fibreglass pool in Sydney. If you are clueless about which plants to use for landscaping around your fibreglass pool area, then here’s a list you should check out.

#1 Trees

Golden Cane Palm

If you want to create a tropical, beach-like atmosphere around your pool area, palm trees would be your best option. Go for golden cane palm, also known as areca palm, which you can plant in a huge pot. These trees provide privacy and lend a natural vibe to your pool area. They are easy to grow and have a non-invasive root system. They work amazingly well as air purifiers in both indoor and outdoor pool areas. The best part: they can survive even in settings with lower light exposure. You should water them regularly, but ensure that the water does not stand.


Another great tree option is frangipani, which creates an inviting and luxurious poolside setting. These deciduous trees can grow up to 9 metres tall and have large leaves, which minimise issues that can potentially crop up with the filtration system. Also, cleaning up is also easy with these trees around. The root system is non-invasive and compact, making these trees suitable for planting next to flower beds, pipes, and paved areas. These trees flower through autumn and give out a pleasant aroma, so being around them would be incredibly soothing. All you need is well-draining soil, ample sunshine, and regular water to grow.

#2 Plants

Star Jasmine

If you wish to landscape your pool area with flowering plants, then star jasmine is what you should look at. It’s considered one of the most versatile plants to have in pool areas. Thanks to their dark and shiny green leaves and white fragrant flowers, these plants can turn your boring poolside into a stunning setting. They can grow one to 2 metres tall and they bloom in spring. The best thing about these plants is that they require really maintenance on your part. They need regular watering and post-bloom pruning. Also, they can grow on a variety of soils and are resistant to pests and diseases.

Echeveria Elegans

Growing succulents around the pool area would be great because they are low maintenance additions. One great option that you can consider is Echeveria Elegans, also known as Mexican snowball. They are a truly lavish and aesthetic plants that can revamp your pool area. Like most succulents, they are known to have great water capacities and low mess. They have beautiful velvety leaves with a pinkish hue and can grow up to eight inches in height. They are tolerant to drought and require full to partial sunlight. These plants can thrive in soil that has good drainage.

#3 Hedges and shrubs

Viburnum Suspensum

Thinking of putting a hedge around your pool area for more privacy? You have the Viburnum Suspensum. The botanical name may be tough to remember, but it creates a memorable setting for sure. It’s deep green in colour and grows slowly, providing a splendid backdrop to your poolside. The hedge can grow up to four feet high and produces pink flowers during its blooming season in spring. One of the best characteristics of this hedge variety is it is resistant to insects, mildew, disease, heat, and drought. Make sure the soil is drained well and sunshine is ample. Also, you should prune them as necessary to maintain a proper shape.

Leptospermum sericeum

Another great hedge option for your pool area is the Leptospermum sericeum, which is also known as Silver Teatree. Mostly growing in southwest Western Australia, this species of shrubs grows up to 1.5 metres in height and is great for added privacy in your pool area. The silvery foliage is plain attractive and you will see a profusion of aromatic pink flowers between May and October. The seed or cutting of this shrub is best sown in autumn or spring to avoid the months with extreme temperatures. These shrubs are tolerant to salt spray and are easy to maintain.


Landscaping your poolside area with greenery is a great idea, as long as you take care of them. When you choose a poolside plant, make sure you read up about it or ask experts about the best conditions for their growth. Expert opinion can help you care for them as required. Make sure you have a good drainage system around your pool area so that your plants can thrive well. Some plants require indirect sunlight for their growth, so you will have to perhaps prepare a shade for them.

If your swimming pool has salt water, you should consider going for plants that have furry, waxy, or silvery leaves. Some examples of such plants would be aloe, agaves, cycads, pigface, and bromeliads. Also, maintain a distance between the plants so that their roots can grow freely. Do ask an expert about any fertilisers you might have to use for extra care. When you choose the right plants and take proper care of them, your poolside can transform into an enjoyable, relaxing space to take a dip or have a gathering with guests.

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