All you Need to Know About Engineered Stone

Technology never stops developing and for the past few years, skilled tradesmen have been creating engineered stone that perfectly replicates the natural beauty of fine marble and granite. Each batch is made and it is as unique as naturally created stone, complete with the veins and swirls you expect on premium marble and you could not tell the difference between natural and man-made stone.


Premier engineered stone is cheaper than natural stone, which has to be quarried, cut and transported to the stonemason, who then works his magic to provide a stunning finish. While it is cheaper, the skill that goes into making a batch of engineered slabs ensures unique patterns and finishes, while the tradesman understands colour and is very creative, with many diverse designs for you to select the perfect piece of marble or granite.


There is an extensive catalogue of premium stone patterns that includes the entire colour spectrum and once you are on the website of an established supplier, you can browse their impressive collection. They would have some fine kitchen images that might give you the inspiration you need, plus you can search with Google images for ‘engineered stone’ and that will give you 100s of photos.

Eco-Friendly Solution

When you consider how natural stone is quarried, engineered stone wins hands down when it comes to green practices, and let’s not forget that quarrying uses explosives to rip into the Earth and release sections of stone. No synthetics are used in the colour dyeing, only natural elements, making engineered stone very eco-friendly, while it is made from recycled materials, which is even better!

Established Suppliers

There aren’t that many companies with the resources and ability to create premier engineered stone finishes, and a Google search will put you in touch with a company that offers premium engineered stone. Large slabs offer much more in terms of design and the supplier would exclusively deal with engineered stone and would use the best methods to create the product. The stone can be worked on just like natural stone, so you can fit your benchtops neatly and when finished, you have the look and feel of natural stone for a lot less money.

Online Solutions

When you are ready to start looking at designs, a Google search will take you to a leading Australian supplier of engineered stone and everything can be arranged online and your slabs will be delivered to your home address.

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