All About Revamping Your Bathroom 

Planning the design of a multifunctional bathroom requires careful outlining of the space and an emphasis on accessories and materials. However, not all houses have fully operating baths, and most residences need to be renovated and refurbished. Simply changing the washbasin or shower can hugely improve the appearance of the bathroom. Of course, you can also remove everything and begin again from scratch. It all depends on your necessities and resources.

Why is fixing underlying issues relevant?

Bathroom structures are common, and they are more apt to wear and leakage. Every day you may waste about seven hundred gallons of water from a leaking washbasin or toilet. In addition, the wet bath is an ideal habitat for fungus and mosquitoes. It causes the floor to rot, growth of mildew and electrical problems. Eliminating these issues in time will assist in extending the life of the bath with minimal expense. Therefore, before carrying out any major work, you must ensure that drains and oil pipes are accurately connected and replaced before any damage has occurred.

Why expanding your storage space in the bathroom is vital?

By increasing the storage space, you can adapt to the growing demand and maintain its beauty. Open shelves, customized wardrobes and storages for new and old clothes can make your bathroom as tidy as possible. You can store toiletries, medicines, bathing supplies, detergents, clothes, sheets and towels. Waterproof plywood is one of the long-lasting cabinet options and does not lose its durability in humid environments.

Few essential must-have features in your bathroom

  • Bathing screens: Although some baths do not have a shower, they make the bath more comfortable. This glass panel acts as a barrier between the bathing (wet area) and the rest of the room (dry zone). The bathroom has a safe and non-slip section.
  • Bathroom Sink or washbasin: Although many bath elements can be supplanted with kitchenware due to their water resistance, make sure to choose the accurate sink for the room. It makes it large enough to be used at any time.
  •  Non-slip shower tray and non-slip flooring– It is one of the most crucial factors when designing a bathroom. Go for non-slippery flooring or ceramic tiles.

Before you start removing the walls and reconstructing the floor, you need to have a cloudless notion of the accessories you need in the bathroom and learn about wet area bath styles.

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