5 Ways to Winter Proof your Home

Winter is approaching fast! Have you prepared your house to withstand blowing snow, and the harsh winds?  Well, a winter-proofed house can withstand all winter high temperatures, and maintain warm air within.

Typically, if your house hasn’t been winter-proofed, you can still show some love and attention to your beautiful home by winter-proofing it so that you can extend your house utilities. Here are several ways you can winterproof your home.

  • Start with a House Maintenance

Do some thorough checking of every part of your house. Ensure that all your windows, doors, roof, and your heating system are all in good condition. If not, you should fix each of them. Once you’ve confirmed what’s needs to be repaired, go ahead and repair.

  • Add a Storm Door in Your home

On winter season, adding a storm door is a good move.  The door is effective for preventing the loss of warm air while keeping your home out of cold. A storm door, is a door made out of either wood, aluminum or plastic. You should install it outside of your home entry point. It is an additional layer to help keep your house warm during winter.

  • Add Extra Insulation on your loft

If your home is not well insulated during winter, all the warm air in your home will certainly escape through the walls, loft. One of the best ways on how to winter proof your home is, adding extra insulation in your home to keep it warm during the season. You can add insulation on the walls within the basement ceiling of your home or any open space in your house loft.

  • Make use of a Thermostat

If you don’t have one already, invest in an affordable thermostat and install it in your home. Your thermostat will regulate the temperature within your home. If possible, set a timer on your thermostat to switch off immediately you are not at home and switch on automatically it senses your presence and will save on energy bill.

  • Prevent your water tanks and pipes from freezing

During winter, your water pipes and tanks will completely freeze. When frozen, you will not get water for your household. Ensure you wrap your pipes, tanks with an insulated rubber, tape, to the tanks and pipes exposed to the season. The insulated rubber, cable or tape will prevent them from freezing.

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