5 Incredible Reasons to Frame Your Mirrors

Framing mirrors is a common practice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the mirror. However, enhancing the beauty of the mirror is not the only benefit of framing your mirror; there are lots of benefits to doing so. In this blog, we discuss the top benefits of framing mirrors in your home, whether it is your seating area mirror, bedroom mirror, or bathroom mirror. Let’s get started!

  1. It can help prevent and conceal de-silvering

De-silvering is basically a term used to describe the blackened edges that mirrors sometimes develop over time. This makes your mirror look quite old and unclean since water or cleaning products penetrate underneath the borders of the glass and damage the silver backing.

If de-silvering has already occurred, it would be best to add mirror frame kits by MirrorMate to hide it or protect the edges of the mirror from further damage. Of course, adding a frame is a simple technique of preventing and concealing de-silvering instead of replacing the whole mirror, which can be a very costly task.

  1. It allows you to personalize

By framing your mirrors, you get the opportunity to add a unique touch to your space by adding mementos, such as favorite quotes, images, or concern tickets along the frame’s perimeter. You can enjoy these things without using tape that may leave a tough residue on your mirror. Regardless of the frame you decide on, you can instantly improve and personalize your home.

  1. It comes with additional decorating options

It is no secret that unframed mirrors don’t often allow for decoration, limiting you on how you can decorate them. On the other hand, framed mirrors instantly open up to decoration options. You can dress up your framed mirrors for the holidays by hanging lights or a garland from them to add some festive décor to your space. If you want a boho style, you can wrap beads or fabric around the edges. It’s a perfect way to give your space personality.

  1. Frames are always trendy

There is no doubt that framed mirrors will always be in style, unlike some other interior design craze or fashions. Since time immemorial, mirrors have played a key role when it comes to home decoration. The mirror makes the room appear larger than it is and have a cozier atmosphere because of the reflected glass surface.

  1. There is a variety of frames to choose from

Mirror frames come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, making it pretty much easier to choose one that can blend in with your room’s existing components. To choose the best mirror and frame, you need to consider your room’s overall theme. For instance, if your room has a traditional theme, you can add a pair of matching mirrors with gold frames to add luxury to your room. For a modern design, you can add a large rectangular mirror to offer height and simplicity to your space.

Final words

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with framing your mirrors. Not only does it help to prevent and conceal de-silvering, but it allows you to personalize and decorate the mirror as you wish. So, the next time you are purchasing your mirror, consider framing it.

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