Mudroom Make Over – The Reveal

When we renovated our basement a year and a half ago we decided to section off part of it to become a mudroom.  The basement connects to the garage and driveway (and it’s where we enter and exit the house 99% of the time) so we knew that having a space to hang jackets, kick off boots, etc…would be ideal.  Here are a few pics of the space the way it’s looked up until now.

Mud Room Make Over - Simply Modern HomeMud Room - Simply Modern Home

IKEa Chest in Mud room - Simply Modern Home

Cute enough, I guess.  Pretty pillows, nice photo of the kids, even some flowers.  Problem is…


Mudrooms have hooks and bins and cubbies and, well…STUFF!!  Right?

So what happened to my so called ‘mudroom’?  Well, I’ll tell you what happened.  The design freak in me completely took over and all practicality went straight out the window!  I was way too focused on how everything looked and not focused enough on how it would function.  This was a mistake.

This week we decided to change things up and make the space more like a real ‘mudroom’ and less like a foyer.  Here’s what we did:

I had our carpenter cut two pieces of poplar and add this nice design around the edges to dress them up a bit.  After I primed, painted and hung them (well, I didn’t actually hang them but I did hold the level a few times!) I added a total of 9 hooks.  This is the part of the project I’m most excited about.  (Yes, I said it.  I’m all excited about hooks.  Think someone needs a life??)

Mud Room Hooks- Simply Modern Home

I also added a few smaller hooks using 3M Command Strips (no holes in the walls!) for our baseball caps.  Grown-up caps up top and kiddos below where they’re reachable.

Hanging Baseball Caps - Simply Modern Home

The umbrella stand is actually a wooden vase I picked up at Target (here).  It was inexpensive and just the right size.  I also like the way the wood compliments the bench and mirror.

Target Wood Vase

The chest (which got a little make-over here) is actually a really practical item and holds tons of hats and mittens, etc…during the winter months.  During the summer it’s where we keep the sun block, bug spray, sunglasses and dog leashes  It works hard for us.  The mirror above was a HomeGoods find and is the place where I give myself the ‘final check’ in the morning before running out the door (which I seriously need to do more often).

IKEA Hemnes Chest in Mud Room

I found the sconces on Craig’s List for a steal and was told they came from a restaurant owned by one of the Red Sox.  Cool!

Polished Nickel Sconce

One smart thing we did when we renovated the space was incorporate a big closet with a built-in shoe rack.  It’s a super useful space and holds a lot but I find it works better for the adults than the kiddos.  At least at this stage.

Mud Room Closet

The bench was a TJ Maxx find and, while I like having a place to sit and put on shoes, I’m wondering if it’s going to get in the way of jackets, etc…  Might have to replace it with something smaller.  We’ll see.  I had also planned to re-cover it in a print I showed you here but, ultimately,  it seemed a little too busy.

Mud room Organization

I love this cute black & white rugby striped bin I found at the Container Store.  You can buy it here.

Container Store Rugby Striped Bin

Cute boots for the cuties :)

Hatley Children's Boots

So, there you have it!  Our “real” Mudroom!  Hope you like it!

To see the rest of our basement level, check out our kiddos’ play room and our laundry room!

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New Home Office!

Hello and Happy Friday!  Don’t know about you but this week has flown by for us!  It’s the kiddos’ last week of summer camp and we’re gearing up for the start of kindergarten in less than two weeks.  Aaahhh!  It’s been a little hectic but, then again, it always is!

Anywho…aside from our usual daily craziness we’ve also been playing a game of musical rooms around here (or maybe I should call it musical furniture?  Not sure..)  We decided a couple of weeks ago to move my office to the sun room which is off the family room.  My old office was feeling a little cramped and the internet connection was spotty (too far from router).  Since the sun room was just sitting there empty (well, basically empty) we decided to make a switch.  Here’s what it looked like a few weeks ago:

Home Office Before Pic

…and here it is now!

(That’s Murphy getting in on the action.)

Home Office Decor

One of my favorite things is the rug, which I found at HomeGoods (here).  I also love how light and bright the space is…and the view is nice since our neighbors have beautiful landscaping to look out at.

Home Office Decor from Simply Modern Home

This is the view looking out into our back yard.  I just picked up the fiddle leaf fig the other day.  He’s a little guy right now but, hopefully, with all the light out here he won’t be small for long.

Simply Modern Home Office

The chair was from my husband’s grandmother.  She left it to him before she passed away.  It used to be gold leather so we had it reupholstered in a camel silk mohair.  I think it works well and is a nice reminder of her.  The pillow is West Elm.

Antique chair with graphic pillow

And what would I do without my IKEA expedits?  Honestly, I don’t know.  The bins hold fabric samples, paint fan decks, office supplies, etc…  They’re from IKEA too.  I stole them from the laundry room and I like them better in here.

IKEA Expedit shelving unit

The little table was a recent HomeGoods find.  It usually lives in the family room and may or may not go back in there.  We shall see…

West Elm pillow on antique chair

The desk and chair are temps.  The chair is from our dining room and the desk is IKEA.  It’s fine but just too small.  Plus, I’m thinking that, ultimately, I’ll need something a little more substantial.

Crate and Barrel Simone chairThe desk is visible as soon as you walk through the front door so I think it needs to be a good piece of furniture.

Graphic Rug in Home Office

Foo dogs as Book Ends

West Elm Bull's Eye Pillow

Well, that wraps up today’s tour!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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Weekend Closet Organizing Project

I had planned to tackle my wreck of an office this weekend but somehow got side-tracked by our laundry room closet.  I went in there looking for a table cloth (which, of course, I couldn’t find) and immediately got fed up with the mess.  This is the closet where we store Easter and Halloween decorations (there’s too much Christmas stuff so that goes in the attic).  I also keep outdoor glasses, plates, etc…here along a few other things.  It’s stuff.  Random stuff.  So, here’s how it looked on Saturday morning:

Not so great…

Before picture of my closet organization project

Martha Stewart would be disgusted with me.

Laundry Closet 005-revised

I started with some major editing and purging (WHY THE HELL IS THERE ALWAYS SO MUCH JUNK??!!) and then made a quick run to Target and the Container Store.  Don’t you love the Container Store?  Seriously, I want everything in there.

…And here it is Sunday:

After pic of my closet organization project

How to store gift bags and wrapping paper

Sorry about the bad photos.  There’s nothing harder than taking pics in a basement, except taking pics in a basement closet!  If any of you bloggers know how to do this, PLEASE let me know! :)

Using chalkboard baskets in my closet organizing project

Chalkboard Baskets from Target/ All other baskets from HomeGoods/ Wrapping paper holder from the Container Store.

Have you tackled any closet organizing projects lately?

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Sunroom Decorating…and a New Rug!

As most of you know I recently made our formal living room into more of a family room (here).  The moving around of furniture has left me with an almost empty sun room.  Here’s a pic looking into it.  The day bed is, pretty much, the only thing in there and I’ll be putting that on Craig’s List soon.

Family Room 025-revised

So what to do now?  START SHOPPING, of course! :)

My first purchase, which was made just the other day at HomeGoods, is this rug.   I spotted it as soon as I walked in and headed straight for it.  It was calling me.  Make that, screaming at me!  So, I answered.

Sunroom and table 002-revised

A Barclay Butera rug marked down by 60% in just the right size for my little sun room.  Yay!!  Not familiar with this designer?  Check out his work here.

And now my new rug is home….

Pretty, no?  One of the things I like best about it is that it’s reversible.  See?

Sunroom and table 004-revised

Which side do you like better?  I was leaning toward the lighter but after looking at this pic I think I like the darker better.

So, now the question is, what else do I put in here?  I’m thinking of the space as being an adult hang out.  It’s a cozy little room (only 10×14) so I’m seeing it as a place to read, listen to music, have a glass of wine, etc…  Here’s the general idea.  What do you think?

OB-Sun Room 2

While I was at HomeGoods I also picked up this little mirror-topped table.  I had a gift card so I, literally, paid $10.  Like it?

July 2013 042-revised

 I think it finishes off the seating area nicely and, more importantly, gives me a place to put my wine :)

Table 001-revised

(Sorry about the fuzzy pic.  My camera went a little haywire on me).

Lastly,  I’m finishing up some client projects in the next couple of weeks so I’ll be showing you some fun before and after pics.  So excited!!

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Living Room Make Over – From Formal to Family

Hello All!  Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was fun.  The kiddos did lots of swimming and playing with their cousins, the hubby and I actually relaxed for a bit (it doesn’t happen very often!) and I finally pulled together the finishing touches on our living room make over!

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago (here) I was struggling with whether or not to keep our ‘formal’ living room formal or to make it more of a casual family room.  (We don’t have a family room off the kitchen like newer houses do).  The neat freak, design-junkie in me was a little worried about what it would look like walking through the front door.  Would it be a mess all the time?  Would I hate having the TV in there?  Would the whole thing just bug me??  Well, I’ll tell you, I was worried for nothing.  We made the switch last week and I LOVE IT!  Here are a few before and after pics.  Don’t you love before and afters? They make me happy.


Pretty but not very comfortable…and if it looks a little bare it’s because we were about to move the furniture and I had already started clearing everything out.  Sorry, felt the need to explain that…. :)

Living Room Before Photos from Simply Modern Home

I really like this spider web mirror I found on One King’s Lane.  Need to find a new home for it.  If I can’t it’ll be up for grabs soon!

Turning a formal living room into a family room

Seeing that outlet in the wall there always bugged me.

Inexpensive art adds life to a neutal living room


Here it is now!  This is how the room looks as you walk in from the foyer.  So much more cozy and comfortable, right?!

Family Room Make-Over

I was worried about how the sectional would work in here, but it’s actually a really nice fit.  Eventually it will need to be replaced though.  It’s amazing what two small children can do to upholstery.

Family Room - Simply Modern Home

The bins on the bottom shelf hold blankets, a few toys, etc…

Family Room 010-revised

I found the onyx lamps at a Lillian August outlet in CT years ago.  Love them.  The small bowl is Nate Berkus for Target.  The kids in the pic are the ones who trashed my sectional :)

Family Room Decorating

The art work was a HomeGoods find and I think it adds a nice punch of color to the space.

Family Room Decor

An aerial view (which means I’m perched perilously on a chair).

Family Room Decorating

This is the other side of the room.  Some day I’ll rip out the fireplace mantle which is actually made of concrete, I think (very odd) and replace it with a nice wooden one.  I’d like to add built-in bookcases to the left of it as well.

Family Room Make-Over

Hydrangea from the garden.

Family Room Decor

Well friends,  that wraps up today’s tour.  For those of you who are new to the blog, WELCOME!  I’m so glad you’re here!

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