Curb Appeal – Before and After!

Curb Appeal – Before and After!

Hey, Everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day!

I’m excited today to finally show you all the ‘after’ pics from our big landscaping project I posted about here.  I love a good ‘Before and After’ so, here it is! Our ugly duckling has become a lovely swan!

Let’s start with a few unfortunate ‘Before’ pics, shall we?


Landscaping BEFORE 004


Landscaping BEFORE 007


Landscaping BEFORE 003

Enough Already!  Let’s move on to the pretty stuff!



The crumbling brick and slate walk way has been replaced with granite and blue stone.  Better, right?

Landscaping AFTER 018

The giant, half-dead shrubs are gone, baby, gone and in their place are a few small trees and lots of boxwoods.  I do love a boxwood.

Landscaping AFTER 005

To be honest, I shouldn’t call these the ‘after’ pics because we’re really not done yet.  The landscaping plan calls for lots of flowerings plants and shrubs like hydrangea and knock-out roses.  We’ll get to those next spring (once the wallet recovers from this little project!).

Landscaping AFTER 006

Next is a new front door (being ordered this week) since the one we have is falling apart.  I’ll post pics once we have it installed.

Landscaping AFTER 009

We incorporated three urns and, I have to say, I really love them.  It’ll be fun to change them out season to season, although I have no idea what I’ll be planting in them.  I know a few of you are amazing gardeners so I’ll definitely be looking for help!

Landscaping AFTER 007

I’m not in love with the granite that surrounds the front door so that may change at some point (and by ‘some point’ I mean I have no idea when or if this will ever happen:)

Landscaping AFTER 008

Landscaping AFTER 015

Well folks, that’s the excitement around here!  I have to say I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out.  The front of the house had been an eye sore for a long time.  It’s nice to be able to drive up and not be horrified by all the u-g-l-y.

She’s finally pretty, our little swan.

Hope you’re all having a great day!  If you liked today’s post, please share it on FB! Thanks!


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  1. A client was driving with me in the car today and pointed specifically to your yard and said, “wow – now that is a beautiful yard.” :)

  2. Well done!! Love it! Bloglovin’ still not coming through for me, so I signed up direct to my inbox. Thanks for all the tips u sent. I will post this on my FB today!!

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