Our Renovation: Master Bathroom Updates


Anyone out there?


I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks but I do have a good reason:


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(OK,  maybe I’m a little dramatic… but just a little)

I’ll start by saying that the crew we’ve hired is working hard all day, every day and they’re doing a great job, but we’ve had some unexpected set backs and delays on inspections that have put us behind schedule by a couple of weeks.  This might not sound like a big deal but considering the fact that we’re almost four months into this renovation and we’ve been living without a kitchen for seven weeks now, set backs are JUST A LITTLE FRUSTRATING!!!

Tired of hearing me whine yet?  OK, I’ll stop….and show you a few pics of how things are looking in the new master bathroom.

Here’s the shower:

BAthroom RenovationIt’s BIG (Yay!!!) at over 4′x6′ and the framing you see there in the back is a bench (obviously).  We’re keeping it pretty simple in terms of hardware and plan to do a regular, wall-mounted shower head as well as a rain shower head.

This is the tile scheme we finally went with:

Master Bathroom Renovation

The fluid marble is for the main floor of the bathroom.  I was originally planning to lay it in a herringbone pattern but, since the space is 4 feet wide, I’m thinking it might make it feel bigger if it were to lay it side to side across the room (like a hard wood floor).  We shall see…. The side walls of the shower will be done in a beveled white subway tile and the back wall (above the bench) will feature this pretty mosaic bordered by a carrara pencil edge.

The shower floor is still TBD but I really like this fun mosaic.

Bathroom Tile Scheme

Oh….and these are the sconces we’re going with.  I’ve used them before and really like them.  The price is also right considering we need to buy four of them.

Keller Sconce Restoration Hardware

Don’t have pics of the vanity yet but it will be just over 8 feet long, painted in a medium gray and will be topped with carrara marble.  I wasn’t planning to do marble at first but have changed my mind.  It’s beautiful, timeless and, most importantly,  about half the price of quartzite (the other option we were considering).

Speaking of bathrooms, I’ve also been working on the first floor powder room. This is the wallpaper I’ve fallen in love with (at least online).  It’s Union Square by Phillip Jeffries.  Haven’t seen it in person yet but I’m 99% sure it’s the winner.

Phillip Jeffries Union Square

I’m also desperately searching for a double sconce to go above this mirror (again for the powder room.) I’m pretty sure I’ve looked at every lighting website ever created and haven’t found anything that knocks my socks off.  Anyone have any ideas/ suggestions?  The finish needs to be polished nickel and it can’t be more than 12 inches tall.

Well, that’s the update for now friends.  I’m told this week walls and ceilings will be going in.  Next week floors and kitchen cabinets.  WOOHOO!!!  We’re getting there….THANK GOD!!!!

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Escape to Martha’s Vineyard


For a few brief, fun-filled days we escaped the noise, the dust, the dirt, the chaos…and it was lovely.

Here are a few pretty pics from our get-away to Martha’s Vineyard last week:

I think I take a pic of this house every time I visit the Vineyard.  It sits on the waterfront in Edgartown (my favorite town on the island) and is insanely beautiful.

martha's vineyardMore waterfront loveliness…

edgartown ma

martha's vineyardJust your average back yard

Edgartown MAI could walk around Edgartown all day just looking at the beautiful architecture. Loved this sweet little yellow cottage with the flag flying proudly out front.

Edgartown HomesOne of the prettiest driveway/ garages I’ve seen in a long time.  Look at those doors!

Edgartown HomesThis one stopped me in my tracks.  The cedar shakes, the gorgeous windows, the ivy…and can you see what’s parked in the driveway?

Edgartown Real EstateA pint sized Land Rover!!  My kids freaked out and are now begging for one.  Super cute for sure…but not happening ;)

Martha's VineyardAfter an hour of so of drooling over the gorgeous homes we wandered into town and stopped into a few shops.

Edgartown MAAnd fed the ducks in the harbor

Martha's VineyardAll this sight seeing made us tired

Edgartown MAOh..and did I mention that we stayed in a fabulous home in the town of Aquinnah courtesy of my super cool brother-in-law?


Martha's Vineyard LandscapingHe rents the same house every year and one of the best things about it is the landscaping. This little rose covered gate leads to the lovely pool..

Aquinnah MA

Aquinnah Homeswhich kiddos and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed every day.

Pool HouseLife is good on the Vineyard :)

Martha's Vineyard Landscaping

We’re back to reality now and, unfortunately, we no sooner got back when my little girl came down with a horrible bug.  (Today was day four of a fever.  Ugh!!!)  That being said, I’ll be signing of for the week to take care of her and will check back in next week with our renovation updates.  Only a couple more weeks until dry wall goes up and I’m told it will all start to come together quickly after that.  Thank God!!

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Our Renovation: Camping At Home



Remember me?

I’m so sorry for the radio silence lately.  For some reason I thought I’d have plenty of time to post over the summer but, as it turns out,  just the opposite is true.   Between the renovation madness we’re living through and the kiddos being out of school I’ve had NO TIME  but I thought I’d check in today with a little renovation update.

Here’s how we’re camping living these days…

This is our living room with a lovely plastic wall facing the family room addition.

Renovation July 2014 012-editedThe dining room (yes, this is where we’ve been eating all our meals for the last three weeks. It’s like being at the Ritz.)

Renovation July 2014 009-edited Foyer full of HVAC stuff.

Renovation July 2014 010-editedThe sun room – aka storage locker.

Renovation July 2014 011-editedThis is the kitchen looking toward the dining room and the area where the new half bath will be.

SG Interiors Kitchen Renovation

This is the family room looking out toward the back yard/ patio.  There will be french doors on the left and right side of that wall (one is hidden behind my state of the art refrigerator) and in the center will be a double sided (indoor/ outdoor) fireplace.  The windows on the left are to the living room.  They’ll be replaced with a wall of built-in bookcases with an arched doorway in the center.

Kitchen Renovation

I wish I had more progress to show you but, honestly, it’s been all about plumbing and HVAC this week which isn’t so pretty to look at (not that the above pics are pretty by any means).

If you follow me on Instagram you know I did some tile shopping last week for our master bath.  Here are the three options I’ve narrowed it down to:

Option #1 – The fluid marble is for the floor.  I was planning to lay it in a herringbone pattern but, between the cuts and the installation, it may be cost prohibitive.  Regardless, I love it and we’re using it.  Just might have to install it differently.  The honeycomb was a possibility for the shower floor but I’ve ruled it out (more on that below) and the mosaic would be a feature wall in the shower.  I like it but, ultimately, I think it might be too busy.

Renovation July 2014 014Option #2 – which, sadly, isn’t really an option at all.  I’m in love with the tile on the right and would give my left arm to use it on the bathroom floor…but would need to hit the lottery to do so.  Moving on….(sigh)

Renovation July 2014 013-edited

Option #3 – The probable winner.  Again, the fluid marble will be for the bathroom floor, the two side walls of the shower will be done in white subway tile and the mosaic tile which I really do love will be used on the back shower wall above a bench.  I’m thinking 3′x5′ framed out in a carrara chair rail.  The shower floor is still TBD but I’m thinking of doing either a darker marble with dark grout or possibly a ceramic tile (again with dark grout).  I’ve had problems in the past with marble on shower floors staining and am leaning toward a material that’s a little more practical this time around.

Renovation July 2014 019-edited

Also starting to put together a final plan for the family room addition and need to order furniture asap.  Be back next week with the scoop on that.   Fortunately, we’ll be escaping the dust and chaos for the rest of the week as we’re heading to beautiful Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow morning.  Hallelujah!!!!  Be sure to  follow me on Instagram for lots of island loveliness.

Thanks for stopping by today and for hanging in there with me, friends!  I’ll be posting more regularly when the kiddos are in full day camp (next two weeks…woohoo!!!!!) and things are a little less crazy around here.

Until next week!!

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Jonathan Adler Favorites

The great designer/ potter/ maker Jonathan Adler recently opened a shop about five minutes from my house in Chestnut Hill (YIPPEE!!!!) and, needless to say, I’ve quickly become a regular visitor.  I’ve always been a fan of his work but, honestly, his shop has become my new happy (chic!) place.  I stopped in yesterday for what was supposed to be a few minutes and had to be physically dragged out (my kids are getting really strong!) a half an hour later.  Here are a few of my current JA faves:

Jonathan Adler

Canister/  BenchTableStopperVaseZebra DishChandelier

I’ll be buying the chandelier for my dining room once my wallet recovers from this renovation (if that ever happens).   Might need this one for my front entry too.

A good friend also gave me the fab gold zebra dish for my birthday recently (thanks, Val!!)  I actually squealed when I opened the box.  Love it!!

That’s it for this week!  I’ll check in early next week with a renovation update (this thing is taking FOREVER!!!!!!).

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Our Renovation: Updates and a Little Escape

We decided to escape the madness around here for a few days this week and took a little trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  This is the fourth year in a row we’ve done this trip with the kids and they always have a blast.

Silly Road Trip Faces

Renovation progress-storyland 062-editedWe stay at the Mt. Washington in Bretton Woods every year and, while the hotel itself needs a face-lift, they do have a great pool…

Renovation progress-storyland 077-editedOmni Mt. Washington….and killer mountain views.

White MountainsOn Wednesday we returned home to find our kitchen GONE!!

SG Interiors Kitchen RenovationHALLELUJAH!!!!!  Dreams do come true!

Kitchen RenovationWhat’s great is that we can now get a real feel for how big the kitchen/ family room space will actually be.  Pretty Exciting!

Another exciting thing happened on Thursday when we found these slabs for the kitchen counter tops…

White Macaubus QuartziteWhite Macaubas Quartzite!  LOVE how light they are (much whiter than other slabs we’d seen) and I’m crazy about the linear veining.  Woohoo!

white macaubus quartziteIt’s all starting to come together…FINALLY!

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